Tour in the Jerusalem championship sites

The European U18 Athletics Championship is upon us. As you know at the end of 2020 The Israeli Athletics Association and the Jerusalem Municipality have signed the collaboration towards hosting the U18 European Athletics championship 2022.
The European Athletics Association has chosen Jerusalem as the city hosting the Championship.

A Championship on this scale is a huge celebration. The people of Israel will be able to enjoy the European athletics future generation and watch them in action, up close.
The preparations for the championships are in progress. The stadium is almost ready for the athletics festival and all there is left for us to do is to be patient.
At the beginning of this October 9 delegates from the European Athletics came to Jerusalem. During their visit, they met with the local organizing committee and had a meeting about the upcoming championship. The delegate visited the sites where the athletes will practice and compete, and all the hosting hotels for the athletes that will stay in Israel.
All these actions are being made in the best interest for the event will be successful and enjoyable for the crowd, fans, Athletes, delignates and all the people visiting during these days.
The IAA Chairman Ami Baran: ”I am glad everything is moving according to plan and the European Athletics U18 championship is getting closer. The European Athletics Union out their trust in the IAA and the Jerusalem Municipality to have the U18 Championship in Israel and all the responsible professional bodies are motivated to do so for the best. I had the honors to meet the delegates during the visit and I have no doubt that with productive collaboration we will take this trust and we will bring Jerusalem the best Championship that we can. I still am filled with hope that the championships will happen in post-COVID-19 days and the crowd could join the athletics festivities.”

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