Agreement signed between the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israel Athletics Association to host the 2022 European Athletics Championships

Israel Athletics Association and the Jerusalem Municipality signed in the presence of Jerusalem’s Mayor on cooperation for hosting the European Athletics U18 Championships in the year 2022. European Athletics has picked Jerusalem to be the host of the championship in 2022 earlier this year.

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A championship at this scale is a big celebration, There is no doubt that the Israeli citizens will be able to enjoy a new generation of European athletes and watch them from the stadium. The preparations for the championship have already begun with upgrading the city’s stadium and meetings between the relevant persons.

Jerusalem mayor, Moshe Leon: “This is a vote of confidence in the city of Jerusalem, picking us as a host for this championship. I hope by then the Covid-19 crisis will be behind us, and we will be able to host the championship properly. I thank the IAA and greet this cooperation”.

Chairman of IAA, Ami Baran: “I am glad to be here and sign with the Mayor on the cooperation. The European Association have put her trust in the IAA and the Jerusalem municipal to host the European Athletics U18 Championships in Israel, I do not doubt that in productive cooperation we will take this trust and have in Jerusalem the best European Championship we could. I am all hope that the championship will be in post-corona days and the crown could come in the masses to take place in the celebration.

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