Eldan is the main sponsor for the European Athletics U18 Championships

The Israeli Vehicle company “Eldan” will be the main Sponsor of The European Athletics U18 Jerusalem 2022 Championships

The European Athletics U18 championships is getting closer

As you recall, at the end of 2020 The IAA (Israeli Athletics Association) and Jerusalem City have signed and joined a collaboration in hosting the Championships. this action, came after the EA .(European Athletics) chose the capital city Jerusalem as the hosting city in 2022

This high scale Championship is a huge celebration for the Israeli sports. It’s undeniable that the people of Israel will enjoy the future European athletics generation, they will cheer  and watch them from the stadium tribunes. 

The preparations for the Championships are happening these days in full capacity. The renovated Givat Ram Stadium is almost ready for the greatest athletics festivity. 

Jack Cohen (Championship manager): “ We are so happy and thrilled Eldan is joining the Israeli athletics family by choosing to sponsor the European Athletics U18 Championships that will happen in Jerusalem this summer, July 2022. we are certain that this is the beginning of a long term, wonderful collaboration”.

Avishay Levy (Eldan’s Vice CEO) said:” this important collaboration is very special for the young athletes and it’s inseparable from our company’s DNA as an Israeli rooted, zionist with a vision and contribution to the Israeli community since always. The Championships location in Jerusalem is a huge achievement for the IAA and we congratulate it. Israeli Pride in Jerusalem.”

photographer David Sasson

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