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European Athletics U18 Championships 2022 Jerusalem/ISR, 4-7 July 2022 Entry Standards & Qualification Procedure

NES = No entry standards Note: The column “athletes” refers to the target number of athletes per event not the limit number of athletes per event.

Entry Rules

Only athletes aged at least 16 (sixteen) and not more than 17 (seventeen) years on 31 December 2022 (born in 2005 and 2006) may participate in the European Athletics U18 Championships 2022. Competitors must comply with eligibility qualifications for Area Games or Championships as set out in the World Athletics Rules;

No athlete may compete in the European Athletics U18 Championships unless entered by a European Athletics Member Federation.

Individual participation (1603.5): Each European Athletics Member Federation may enter up to 3 (three) athletes in each individual event of whom up to 2 (two) may participate provided all of them shall have achieved the qualifying standard for that event (see regulation 1608.1.3).

Alternatively to 1603.5, each European Athletics Member Federation may enter one athlete without qualification standard in each individual event, where they do not have qualified athletes. However, the total number of athletes without qualifying standards per European Athletics Member Federation shall not exceed two men and two women in total. If the host country of the European Athletics U18 Championships does not have a qualified athlete in one of the disciplines, it may enter one athlete in this discipline regardless of any Entry Standard. The acceptance of these unqualified entries is at the discretion of the Technical Delegates, considering the number of entered athletes but always ensuring the quality of the event.

Relay teams (1603.7): Each European Athletics Member Federation may enter 1 (one) team in each relay event. Up to 8 (eight) athletes may be entered for each relay. From these 8 (eight) and from any other athletes entered for any event in the European Athletics U18 Championships, the 4 (four) athletes to participate must be nominated at the time specified for the Final Declaration.

Conditions for validity of performances:

  • Performances must be achieved between the 1 January 2021 and 23 June 2022;
  • Performances must be achieved in bona fide competition (either indoors or outdoors) organised in conformity with World Athletics Rules;
  • Performances must be achieved during competitions organised or sanctioned by the World Athletics, its Area Associations or its National Member Federations. Thus, results achieved at other competitions must be certified by the National Federation of the country in which the competition was organised;
  • Performances achieved in mixed events held completely in the stadium, shall not be accepted as entry standards, except for race walking events;
  • Wind assisted performances (over 2m/sec) will not be accepted; (For the combined events the conditions set in World Athletics Technical Rule will still be applied for qualification purposes, so at least one of the following conditions shall be satisfied:
    • the velocity in any individual event shall not exceed plus 4 metres per second;
    • the average velocity (based on the algebraic sum of the wind velocities, as measured for each individual event, divided by the number of such events) shall not exceed plus 2 m/s;
  • Indoor performances will be accepted;
  • Hand-timed performances for events up to and including 800m will not be accepted;
  • For Race Walks:
    • road performances will be accepted
    • results of races conducted using the pit lane will be accepted;
  • For the running events of 200m and over, performances achieved on over-sized tracks will not be accepted;
  • Performances achieved in mixed competitions in track events will not be accepted. Exceptionally, in accordance with World Athletics Rule 147, performances achieved in events of 5000m may be accepted in circumstances where there were insufficient athletes of one or both genders competing to justify the conduct of separate races and there was no pacing or assistance given by an athlete(s) of one gender to an athlete(s) of the other gender. For Race Walks the results will always be accepted.

Non-sporting eligibility criteria “I Run Clean”

Each European Athletics Member Federation may enter only those athletes who have received and hold a valid certification for having completed European Athletics Anti-Doping Education Programme – I Run Clean. The certification is to be achieved by all athletes in addition to fulfilling any requirements for the qualification for the event they are entered in.